Dascoin.com.au is one part of the DasCoin movement to the new realm of "money". Information from the Owners of the DasCoin EcoSystem is shared back to our team members in a number of Facebook Groups, two of which you will need to join if you purchase a licence. DasCoin Diamonds and DasCoin Millionaires are repositories of quality posts about the DasCoin business, as well it is from here that we stay up to date and receive a lot of the training information we can pass on to you. Below is a list of training videos presented by Wayne McCarthy please work your way through them to understand more about the DasCoin world.


Registrations Process – On completion of the registration process you will be send an email to verify your email once this is verified you will then be asked to log in and select the licence you want to buy. 

Ordering Process – Here you will choose your package and payment option on completion you will received a 2nd email advising you that your order has been received and further payment instructions will be sent to your email address.


Payment Process – The 3rd email will be in the form of an invoice by clicking this you will be given full details on how to make your payment for your chosen package.

This video contains: -

Explanation  – On the frequency lock and how to calculate how main coins each license will give you, in addition to this  the video explains the commission cycles that are attached to your team earnings showing the power of the

This video contains: -

Binary Training – A full explanation on the compensation plan and how the binary system works.


All you need is a NetLeaders software license, and you can start to be rewarded in cryptocurrency – directly from the source.


You can purchase Software Licences from 100 EUR to 25000 EUR. Click here to view options

Compensation Program

The NetLeaders Compensation Program provides an easy way for you to earn bonuses for promoting the business. The Compensation Plan pays from 10% up to 30% commissions for direct referrals, binary bonus and binary matching bonuses.....so three levels! A full suite of marketing tools is included with your online NetLeaders account.

Capture the rewards of being at the forefront of innovation.

  • Maximize the opportunity for potential capital appreciation.
  • Become a part of a global network that's reinventing money.
  • Reap the rewards of sharing DasCoin with other people.