It’s go, go, go for the NetLeaders back office!

Our web development team has been working tirelessly to bring you the brand new Netleaders back office. We think you’ll agree it’s a smart-looking, user-friendly platform that will dramatically enhance your NetLeaders experience. When you log in and access the dashboard, you will notice a distinctive new look and feel to the website with a bold colour scheme and a wealth of important new detail.

We really feel this is the best way to help take you to the next level, whether it be advancing your status on the Career Plan, downloading important educational and presentation tools, or managing your licenses and balances as effectively as possible.

Among the new features are:

  • The Career Plan: Find out what level you have achieved so far and what you need to do to advance to the next level, with details of all the prizes available along the way
  • KYC process: Anyone with more than €600 lifetime earnings or wishing to redeem gift codes needs to go through the KYC process to confirm their identity and access payouts. If you have already completed the KYC process in WebWallet we still need you to go through it on NetLeaders in addition. Our back office takes you through the simple process step by step.
  • Education and media: Learn how to enable others to join you in the community of empowerment. Access on demand the Wednesday Webinars hosted by John Pretto and access the new lightspeed learning management tool, NetLeaders University. It’s coming online soon.

We have listened to your feedback, and can now offer you, in addition, a full breakdown of your transaction history and allow you to download receipts.

We hope you enjoy navigating the new NetLeaders back office and are confident that you will find it easy to use. As ever, if there is anything you still need help with, do not hesitate to contact

If you want to know more about the new back office, contact me on Facebook or email me at