I’m Going


This 4-day event will bring together Top Leaders from all over the world to Dubai to learn about the launch of CoinLeaders’ exciting new marketing program that presents DasCoin to the world.perfected

The DasCoin opportunity is circled by world leading digital currency specialists circled by seasoned marketing specialists.

I am so confident that this will be the next Bitcoin opportunity I have not only taken up a Coinleader Licence but I am now booked to travel to Dubai on the 23rd November from Australia.burj_khalifa

I will be bringing back to my team all the details of our exciting NEW marketing system. You will be the first to know about company’s innovative NEW strategies and NEW products…..can’t wait!!

If you missed out on Bitcoin (which if you had bought $30 worth, you would now have a $1million) then this is your chance to be very wealthy in only 8 months time let alone 5 years time.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity with me, please contact us.

Let’s do this!