Get on Board the new Crypto Megastar

How serious am i?

Very!! Now spent $7,000USD on this business opportunity. This includes travel and accommodation to the Global Leaders & Launch Conference in Dubai run by the owners, Coinleaders commencing on the 24th November.

Would you do that if this was not going to be an amazing opportunity?

NO you wouldn’t…So whats new with Dascoin?

Here is whats new……..

Dascoin will have its very own payment facility. This is called DasPay.
You can spend your coins in 50 million outlets that accept visa/mastercard.perfected


Dascoin the unique crypto currency will also be regulated by one of the worlds top accountancy firm.


Dascoin will be going to the public exchange in January 2017.


Dascoin has a product called Smart Contracts.
Dont know what that is? Look it up! This will scare lawyers all around the world!

Dascoin is changing the face of crypto currency. Fact!

Its time to open your eyes to the world that is changing around us people.

The way we earn money is changing.
Being a part of it is the key!

Do you want in?

OK well you need to get set before the the 24th November as your buy-in package for DasCoin will change on the 25th November.