DasCoin can only be obtained by joining NetLeaders and choosing one of the packages. NetLeaders is currently the only authorised license provider of DasCoin and they offer the network services to DasCoin. They are based in Singapore under the company CL Singapore Pte Ltd, this company is owned by Coin Leader Limited, who are based in Dubai.

What is a NetLeaders License?

A NetLeaders license is a document provided once you opt in and buy one of the packages, you will then be able to receive this hybrid cryptocurrency which is purely designed to deliver a perfect blend of security, reliability and convenience .

The software licenses enable you to obtain DasCoin from the source, so you don’t have to mess around buying on a currency exchange and you certainly do not have to mine the coin, which saves a lot of money on expensive equipment and of course saves a lot of time. The NetLeaders license gives you permission to provide a resource to the network and therefore in return you are rewarded Dascoins as the network uses your contribution. It is worth noting that this technology will be the first coin to run on the same software as ApplePay and it can be used anywhere in the world where you see Mastercard or Visa accepted. This is very powerful indeed.



All you need is a NetLeaders software license, and you can start to be rewarded in cryptocurrency – directly from the source.


You can purchase Software Licences up until the 23/11/16 from 100 EUR to 25000 EUR. Click here to view options


The NetLeaders Advocate Program provides an easy way for you to earn bonuses for making referrals. The program pays out 10% commissions for direct referrals, binary and also offers matching bonuses up to three levels. A full suite of marketing tools is included with your online affiliate account.

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