PARIS – 03-09-2018 (Press Release) — The fashion industry will soon have a dedicated blockchain to protect the creative work of designers and to verify the provenance of designer goods.In collaboration with prominent members of the fashion industry DasCoin will be announcing the upcoming launch of the first in a series of industry blockchain projectsat a special event at the Eiffel Tower on 26th March 2018.This fashion blockchain will use a consortium blockchain technology to protect the creative works of fashion industry designers.

DasCoin is a digital currency that serves as the store-of-value unit at the center of a digital asset system. The technology behind DasCoin delivers superior performance in a secure and cost-effective manner. Consequently, it is a natural choice for industries seeking to leverage the innovations of distributed ledger technology for the mutual benefit of their participants.

“We are excited to be working with leaders within the fashion industry to harness the blockchain to protect the innovations created by fashion designers,” stated Michael Mathias, CEO of DasCoin. “We believe that the consortium blockchain technology at the heart of DasCoin is an ideal fit for the fashion industry, as it delivers a powerful combination of performance andoperational efficiency – making it an effective solution that will be within reach of virtually every fashion designer.”

DasCoin will be launching a series of industry blockchains later in the year.The digital currency has been in existence since March of 2017 and will begin trading on public exchanges on 27 April 2018. An event is planned for London on that date to commemorate the first trade.

DasCoin is a better way to store and exchange value – and the next step in the evolution of money.It’s the blockchain-based currency at the center of an innovative digital asset system that seeks to optimize the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses of existing currency systems. DasCoin is fast, efficient, balanced, secure and scalable. It features a fully-authenticated global community of users, world-class consortium blockchain technology, an integrated ecosystem, decentralized wallet access, a powerful incentivized growth mechanism, best-in-class payment system architecture, and interoperable blockchain protocol. DasCoin is focused on delivering solutions that increase empowerment, enhance control and expand freedom to foster a better, fairer, more prosperous future for all involved.The result is a digital currency that delivers better performance, greater operational efficiency, increased transaction capacity, wider distribution, reduced wealth concentration, better governance, increased adaptability, greater regulatory compliance, and enhanced sustainability. Protected by industry leading security protocols and a permissioned blockchain, DasCoin is a pioneer in the sector with the goal of becoming the world’s first mainstream digital currency.

An excellent summary of where Dascoin is heading in the new digital asset world.

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The corporate websites have loads of information so check them out at :

www.dascoin.com: www.netleaders.com : www.diamondteam.io

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