DasCoin’s Blair Baker Tells All

For anyone that missed the webinar with Blair Baker last night here is the reply!

Blair explains the Smart Contract technology that partners with the DasCoin Proprietory Blockchain. Listen to the DasPay utiility explanation….if that doesn’t peak your interest well what else can I say?

We are working with an awesome commander and chief Michael Mathias and his team that includes Blair Baker. We will get Blair back for more but before that him we will have Terry O’Hearn, John Pretto & George Sarcevich for you to meet.

This opportunity has been meticulously planned and we will see the fruits of this later in the year or early next as DasCoin is launched on the Public Exchange.

If you are ready for a DasCoin Opportunity hit this link buy a licence that you can afford. If you need any assistance you can contact me on FaceBook or on my Email.