DasCoin – Don’t miss the boat

I thought I had better mention this to add into your portfolio of online opportunities. A lot of us missed the boat when it came to bitcoin investments, a lot of other people did quite well. I use Bitcoin in everyday transactions, and although I didn’t come in on the bottom level, I bought a significant amount when it was $420.

With the 700+ cryptocurrencies out there, it is hard to judge whether a new one is needed / wanted / scam orientated / genuine. Well, this one I’m hedging my bets on to be the leading alternative to bitcoin.  By August 2016, €4.65 million in NetLeaders software licenses were sold over a six-week period. This is pretty serious stuff. 

My direct upline and business partner, Wayne McCarthy, is just about to head off to Dubai for a leaders meeting, which is a fair hike from Australia, but this is wonderful news for any members of our team because he will be getting updates and info straight from the horses mouth which we can then pass on.

One very important factor in determining the impact your license will have on the network is the current level of Frequency. As the size, speed and strength of the network increases, the Frequency increases, and correspondingly, each additional Cycle has less and less impact (in relation to the total scale of the network). As the network grows, its Frequency gradually increases due to the accumulation of previous contributions of Cycles. Effectively, a rise in the network’s Frequency means that more Cycles are required before a DasCoin is rewarded. This in turn leads to a rise in the value of each existing DasCoin. The next frequency cut off is in about 9 days from now (25th October, 2106) so we are urging people to get in before this date. You can join up here  https://coinleaders.com/ref/cryptonix

I recommend that you come in on the manager level, which is 500EU, but they have opened up a 100EU Standard License and if you are very serious you can invest up to 25000EU. Currently, before launch, they have a pretty attractive affiliate program, but once launched a matrix will also be introduced to members on the top levels.

To be involved, you will first need to register with CoinLeaders, and then its pretty straight forwarded, but if you want a guided hand, contact us and either Wayne or myself will contact you directly. Our team will be having regular updates and Webinars, but we will also be having a direct link with Wayne while he is in Dubai with the other leaders.