Last year (early October 2016), one of my online friends came to me with the DasCoin business opportunity. As I do....dived into some background research on the business and the owners. I have invested in a number of so called real "cryptocurrency" opportunities. The very first were out and out scams and so have, till DasCoin, made very few investments in this sector...I have only invested in real mining businesses that mine of BitCoin, Ethereum & Zcash.

DasCoin was looking like an excellent opportunity...but! So i decided to link up with the business owners in Dubai in November last year where they were holding a DasCoin Global Leaders Summit. I spoke one on one with each of the DasCoin/NetLeaders team and felt very comfortable with the business plan and it's execution. I also spoke with the top network marketing professionals that, like me, had come along to Dubai. After a substantial investment in attending the DasCoin Summit and purchasing an initial licence of 2,000 Euro decided to add another 5,000 Euro licence into my account and commence promoting and building a business around DasCoin.

The compensation plan is attractive and lucrative and for those who have an Advocate Licence you can add a income stream here! The DasCoin story is not just about the Compensation plan. I have identified 7 key points below are explain them in more detail below.

  1. Leadership and their Vision.
  2. Potential Capital Gain
  3. 100% Passive Earning Potential
  4. Marketing Strategy
  5. Decentralized
  6. Utility
  7. Not Re-Inventing The Wheel

Let's take a look at the details one by one!

1. Strong Leadership with a Strategic Vision

DasCoin’s Eco System is lead by experienced professionals who know what they are talking about. Their profiles can be found on website and in summary are as follows.

Michael Mathias [CEO of DasCoin]

  • FinTech specialist with an over 23 years of entrepreneurial and executive experience
  • Founder and President of social media company Mojo Media
  • Founder and CEO of marketplace network TREKA and online gaming company Change Gaming.
  • 10 years of experience as a Strategic Consultant working with a JP Morgan Chase’s Private Bank and 5 years of experience as a marketing executive in the financial services industry with American Express and T. Rowe Price.
  • Graduate of Princeton University and a resident of Sliema, Malta.

John Pretto [Chairman of NetLeaders]

  • John PrettoEntrepreneurial technologist with over 20 years of senior management experience in IT, marketing and operations.
  • Former Chief Technology Officer for R66T, Chief Operating Officer for ComF5 (formerly DigitalFX – digital media marketing platform), CTO and Co-founder of HelloNetwork and VP of Technology for SmartConnect.
  • Graduate of DeVry University and a resident of Las Vegas, United States.

George Sarcevich [Director of WebWallet]

  •  10 years of experience as a Wall Street investment banker at Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns and HSBC.
  • Founder of Eagle Ventures, the first technology venture capital targeting the Balkans, Co-founder of Bastion Capital, a Belgrade-based financial advisory firm, and Co-founder and CFO of IX2 Networks, a leading provider of carrier-neutral collocation services based in Los Angeles.
  • Adviser to the Finance Ministries of Serbia and Montenegro.
  • Graduate of Princeton University and a resident of Belgrade, Serbia.

Terry O’Hearn [Executive Chairman of DasFinancial]

Terry O’Hearn

  • 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in corporate finance, commodities, retail, and technology.
  • Founder and CEO of Outdoor Access Group (retail), Founder and CEO of iMOZI Canada Inc. (technology), Founder and President of DOLFIN Developments West Ltd. & Safari Corporation (technology), and Founder & CEO of Taymad International Corp. (corporate finance and commodities).
  • Graduate of  Sir Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Calgary and is a resident of Vancouver, Canada.

Blair Baker [Head, DasCoin Public Exchange]

Blair Baker

  • Co-Launched FXCM. FXCM is one of the largest retail forex brokers in the world.
  • Director of Market Research at Global Capital Investment, managed a segment of GCI’s managed-fund program and worked with GCI’s institutional marketing team.
  • Assisted in the management of a $250,000,000 million equity portfolio at Prudential Securities
  • Consultant for several sovereign governments and ministries of finance in various jurisdictions regarding infrastructure finance and investment opportunities.

2. Potential Capital Gain

When I was living in the USA I first heard about Bitcoins in 2010 and watched the price going up from a few cents to $1200 usd.  Then I saw Ethereum price moving up from next to nothing to $50 usd in early 2017.

I missed the opportunity with Bitcoin and Ethereum in the early stages. I decided I was not going to miss any high potential digital currency startups where me, my followers and their friends could make a considerably high return on our money.


I believe DasCoin can give us a considerable above average return because of the EcoSystem of Dasnet services and the company's plan to bring them to the digital market place.

Following chart shows how Bitcoin price gained from 2012 to recent times. For last 5 years Bitcoin price has increased by more than 300 times. 😉


And the chart below shows how Ethereum price moved from November 2015 to recent times. Ethereum price has increase by more than 40 folds in the last 12 months. 🙂


The above examples are not saying DasCoin’s price is going to appreciate like Bitcoin or Ethereum. But when comparing the current price and future price, given what’s in the pipeline, leadership, partnerships and what’s happening behind the scenes “in my view see a serious upside in DasCoin”.

That being said I believe there’s a big potential for us to make a considerable return on our money within next couple of years. Whether the forecasts of 1, 5, 10 euro per DasCoin are correct no one can say. All we can take as a fact today is the price of a Bitcoin and a Ethereum Coin.  That’s why I’ve already put down 7,000+ EUR straight from my pocket in to DasCoin. 😉

3. 100% Passive Earning Opportunity

If someone wants to enjoy the potential of high returns, they don’t have to do anything other than purchasing a software licence. They will be rewarded for the purchase of a NetLeaders Software Licence as well as for their patience after few years. 😉

4. Marketing Strategy

Bitcoin took 8 years to reach where it is right now! Still it only has less than 10 million users and around 150,000 merchants across the globe. Why? Because Bitcoin doesn’t have a unified marketing force behind it!

DasCoin already has a strong and experienced leadership team, access to the world’s latest technologies, unmatched partnerships, cross boarder relationships with governments, financial regulators, leading technology companies and banks etc.

But… where’s the market?

What’s the fastest possible way to build a strong user base in relatively shorter period of time?

The power of Network Marketing provides the answer!

Check out these 2 videos if you want to know more!

1. Robert Kiyosaki on the Power Of Network Marketing

2. Tony Robbins on the Power Of Network Marketing

DasCoin is using a robust Network Marketing strategy to reach the mass market in a relatively shorter period of time. That’s it!

And the best part is, Dascoin’s value isn’t coming from the network. In my view it has an intrinsic value. That’s exactly why DasCoin is different. You’ll get this once you read the utility aspect of DasCoin in the 6th point.

DasCoin provides a limitless opportunity for network marketing professionals to reach their true potential and earn another income stream. 😉

5. Decentralized!

As some of you already know there are cryptocurrency look a likes where the price is internally controlled by the company itself. I must categorically emphasis that Dascoin is not an internally controlled, centralized digital token or a fake cryptocurrency.

Dascoin is a truly decentralized digital currency with an intrinsic value. You’ll have a clear idea about DasCoin’s intrinsic value once you read the utility aspect of it!

DasCoin has developed it's own proprietary blockchain and was launched live in Zurich on the 31st March, 2017. I attended this event and was again very impressed with the progress the company owners had made with the launch of the DasCoin Block Chain & the Commencement of the coin minting process.

6. DasCoin’s Utility

What’s the last mile of any cryptocurrency? Once you have it? Where you can spend it? Correct?
That’s exactly why the utility factor is important for any user as well as for any investor.

6.1: Almost Instant Transactions 

This is a snapshot which shows the average transaction confirmation time of Bitcoin from as at 9th April, 2017.

So… on average Bitcoin transaction takes ~90 minutes to confirm a single transaction. Wont be much fun to wait that long once you do a transaction!

DasCoin has a 6 seconds block time which enables us to do almost instant transactions. It’s a relatively significant advantage when using Dascoin for day to day transactions.

6.2: DasPay ~ Consumer Utility Element

DasPay is a mobile payments solution which has been developed on the same platform which was used to build ApplePay. It uses cutting edge mobile technologies such as near field communications and host card emulation. With DasPay we will be able to do mobile payments transactions with 60 Million existing MasterCard, Visa, JCB and China UnionPay accepted merchants globally.

Watch this 2 mins explainer video on DasPay. 😉

6.3: DasCoin Exchange ~ Institutional Trading Element

DasCoin is going to disrupt the Foreign Exchange market, which is the biggest financial market in the world with over $5 trillion daily volume with a prime brokerage model connecting institutional traders, brokers and liquidity providers such as major financial institutions, banks etc.

DasCoin will have a global network of exchanges targeting institutional traders with it’s proprietary lightning fast trading engine technology which is 20% faster than other major exchange out there.

6.4: DasCoin for MetaTrader4 ~ Retail Trading Element

DasCoin will be traded in MetaTrader4 (MT4), the most popular retail trading engine among the retail traders across the globe. DasCoin will be providing a MT4 Plug In that will make trading 20% faster...this is a huge benefit to the MT4 Trader Community.

dascoin mt4, dascoin metatrader4

6.5: Smart Contracts

DasCoin smart contracts already have an edge over the competition because it is built on a KYC (know-your-client) enabled ecosystem. So we’ll be able to do trustless transactions among the network participants without looking for 3rd parties.

6.6: BlockChain As a Service

Individuals and Institutions will be able to use DasCoin’s infrastructure and it’s proprietary private blockchain technology with highest level of cryptography commercially available.

7. DasCoin isn’t ReInventing the wheel 😉

As a serious digital currency enthusiast, what I see out there is that most of the digital currency startups try to benchmark Bitcoin and try to duplicate it’s success.

But DasCoin is not!

DasCoin owners are not trying to reinvent the wheel. 🙂

Simply, DasCoin leadership is introducing state of the art trading technologies and cutting edge mobile payment technologies into the blockchain world while adhering to current legal, financial and compliance requirements. In essence, that’s what DasCoin infrastructure is all about. 🙂

I believe “Digital Currency is the Future”. So when a REAL Digital Currency coupled with a network marketing strategy comes together...I'm a big supporter!

Once I realized the true potential of DasCoin, I didn’t think twice to take massive action. I have directly sponsored 60+ people. Co-founded

Last but not least…

No one told me to buy Bitcoins when it was trading around $0.50 Cents and again…
No one told me to buy Ethereum when it’s trading at $0.50 Cents.

Bitcoin went up to $1300+ and Ethereum went up to $50+.
Sadly for me I’ve missed both those opportunities.

Now I’m telling YOU to get into DasCoin while it’s priced below $0.50 (100 euro licence) and less for bigger package licences!

So take action like me and join with my link and lets make some money!

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Talk soon!
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Thank you to & Laxan Dave for providing content and structure for my post.