DasCoin Value Proposition and Opportunity Breakdown

Digital Revolution 2.0

The Internet of Value

The Internet is changing. No longer is it just about sending, receiving and storing information.

Now it’s possible for real assets – like money –

To be digitally formatted and sent anywhere in the world: instantly, securely and at no cost! It’s called the Internet of Value and is creating opportunities that can potentially deliver tremendous financial rewards.

The Future of Money

Think about it: in just a few short years, Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, attracted several million users and created over €10 billion in value. All signs are pointing to a cryptocurrency explosion. Now imagine the kind of value that will be created when the world’s first digital asset system becomes adopted by the global mainstream.

A Powerful Way to
Expand the Network

To achieve the goal expanding the network, a referral-based marketing system has been built into the network’s software that is designed to award each participant contribution commensurate with their individual impact on the growth of the network. Consequently, rather than use resources to cover the costs of proof-of-work mining, this network is able to incentivize its participants to expand the network.