Dascoin Tokyo Highlights!

This past weekend saw the NetLeaders community come together in Tokyo, Japan for our most important event ever – the Tokyo Global Summit. An incredible line-up of speakers presented a jaw-dropping amount of news across the two-day event.  Saturday September 30th saw a host of global Blockchain experts present a packed CryptoMission seminar followed by announcements from NetLeaders, WebWallet and DasCoin whilst Sunday October 1st saw a more intimate VIP training experience brought to 400 of the world’s top leaders from the NetLeaders community. You’ll be able to access all the presentations and recordings in the coming days – if you can’t wait you can catch up on highlights from Saturday by clicking the image above. In the meantime here are the 5 biggest stories from the Tokyo Global Summit.

1. The Launch of DasExchange

Introduced by the Director of WebWallet, George Sarcevich, and officially launched with a hologram of DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias (yes this really happened!), the DasExchange was fired up on Saturday September 30th, with an opening trade of €0.33 for the first DasCoin ever exchanged. When you log into your WebWallet account you’ll now see a brand new website where you’re able access the DasExchange right away – as long as you’ve completed KYC and have access to the Validator hardware device. Make your first trade today!

Click the image above to watch the moment DasExchange came to life and be sure to check out the amazing LadyDas – she’s a new icon for the DasEcosystem who starred in the hologram sequence!

2. Announcement of DasPay ICO
Shortly after the DasExchange went live, Executive Chairman of DasFinancial, Terry O’Hearn took to the stage to announce something no one was expecting. Starting in 2018, the DasEcosystem will be opening its doors to host a small number of highly vetted ICOs, bringing huge liquidity into the ecosystem. The first of these ICOs is likely to be DasPay – a perfect way to prove the ecosystem has what it takes to support ICO-based businesses.

3. NetLeaders Career Plan
Global Ambassadors Paul McCarthy and Mateusz Guzda hosted a day of in-depth training for VIP leaders on Sunday October 1st. The highlight of the day for many attendees of that training was the introduction of NetLeaders’ monumental new career plan. Built on historic sales, the plan includes 9 levels of achievement and recognition with some unbelievable rewards including a Caribbean holiday, an apartment and a Bentley Continental GT. If you want to make it to the top, you’ll have to build your business strong as awards focus on achievements in both the power leg and weak leg.

4. Important Announcements of New Board Directors and Employees

Jovan Petrovic – CTO, TechSolutions.

First was the news of Jovan Petrović joining as CTO of TechSolutions, one of the technology providers within the DasEcosystem.  In this role, Jovan will be responsible for the design and operation of the DasCloud and will play a vital role in the delivery of the many services and applications that will be running within the ecosystem. At only 26, he’s a super-achiever who has already had a staggering (and nearly decade-long) career at the helm of multiple technology companies. He presented an exciting look at the rollout plan for the DasCloud hardware network and gave a glimpse of some exciting new applications that will be offered on this network.

Ha Ton (Augustine) Vinh – DasCoin Board Director.

Next, we were hugely honored to hear the announcement of Professor Augustine Ha Ton Vinh as the newest member of the DasCoin Board. A regional advisor to the World Bank, founder of two MBA courses and an ex-advisor to the White House (amongst an endless list of other accolades and achievements), Professor Augustine will add immense expertise in corporate regulation to the DasCoin Board, leveraging his many years of experience and numerous industry contacts.

Anna Hejka – DasCoin Board Director.

Everyone was thrilled to hear of the announcement of the first female director of the DasCoin Board, Anna Hejka of Poland. Anna delighted the crowd with her very inspiring initial remarks upon accepting her appointment. Anna is the founder of over 20 companies, a private equity and venture capital expert with experience at JP Morgan Chase and Solomon Brothers and a star of Dragons Den in Poland – she is clearly a force to be reckoned with. She joins executive Directors Michael Mathias and Terry O’Hearn and non-executive Directors Eberhard Wedekind, Soon Hock Lim and Professor Augustine Ha Ton Vinh on the DasCoin Board, bringing the total number of Directors to six.  The DasCoin Board is responsible for managing the operational mechanisms at its disposal to maintain equilibrium within the DasCoin currency.

Pascal Van Knijff – Digital Marketing Director, NetLeaders.

Sunday saw another important member of the team introduced. Pascal Van Knijff took to the stage to give his first presentation as Digital Marketing Director for NetLeaders. With over 20 years experience launching some of the world’s biggest brands in the digital space, Pascal is an all round digital expert. His Sunday presentation laid out a vision for NetLeaders in the world of social media as well as introducing social media templates that will be available to everyone shortly.

5. New Payment Options

NetLeaders Vice President of Marketing James Elston also announced an exciting step forward during Sunday’s training session. Very soon, a whole new option of payment through bank wire using native currency (rather than Euro) from 7 important countries (including China and India) will become available on the NetLeaders site. Additional credit card options will also be added, bringing the total to 12 payment partners that have been approved, making it easier than ever to purchase a NetLeaders license.

All in all, it was an unbelievable event and we’d like to thank everyone who made the journey to Japan. More information and all presentations from the event will be available shortly in the back office.

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