DasCoin – Today’s Currency of Trust for Tomorrow’s Digital Economy

The cryptocurrencies of today may well have identified the difficulties of tomorrow, but they are failing to deliver the solutions. The introduction of Blockchain technology promised to democratize capital, to disrupt the large financial institutions and the big banks, that have traditionally favoured and maintained an elite participation. However, despite the growing interest and appetite for cryptocurrencies and tokens, the disruption has only been limited. So far, there has been a lack of unified global governance, a lack of distribution and the cryptocurrency revolution has not been effective enough to be considered as a viable alternative, or even as a substitute, to fiat money.

We firmly believe that long term cryptocurrency success can only be achieved by good, sensible governance and regulation, and too many opportunities have been missed already. Our objective from the outset, has been to establish a system with global trust that can help bring prosperity for all. By removing the complications associated with traditional money and applying the trust needed in this digital era, we have created a system that is better for exchanging and holding value.

It is our mission to deliver solutions that enhance and expand the control and freedom of users, and to increase their empowerment. By pursuing these goals, we believe we can lead towards a fairer, better, and wealthier future for everyone. We have created the world’s most secure crypto currency by continually innovate, create and evolve. The team at DasCoin have built a system that provides a model which fuses the very best of both the traditional and the cryptocurrency worlds. Best of all, we have already ‘proven’ our model prior to its launch.

Proof Points

  • It has a 96% Bitcoin ownership by 4%.
  • insider distribution abuse.
  • Losses, Hacking, substandard governance.
  • An ecological effect due its inefficiency in mining.

DasCoin is the first and only cryptocurrency that embraces regulation

Designed for longevityDasCoin has been designed to be more effective and better performing, whilst being able to respond and adapt as regulation changes. The unique hybrid model we have built features a blockchain network of peers that are authenticated.

  • A node network that is licensed.
  • Users that are authenticated by KYC.

By proactively establishing a strong working relationship with regulators, DasCoin is the leading the critical debate on regulation. We ensure full auditability and transparency in all of our processes, whilst protecting the privacy of the individual.

Our advanced technology has enabled us to create a flexible network which is secure and fast removing the vulnerabilities and liabilities often seen in competitors.

Proof Points

  • Auditable evidence and communication with regulators. AML, KYC information and compliance to global regulations.
  • A blockchain structure comprising private P2P, hardware wallet, and additional unique technical nuances.
  • The code is open sourced and available at GitHub
  • com offers full transparency
  • The experienced Board of Directors at DasCoin

Distribution – A Fairer Distribution

Instead of mining there is ‘minting’, which, utilizing proof-of-value establishes opportunity, equality and a fairer currency distribution.

The partnership and collaboration with NetLeaders and their incentivized approach to marketing provide an engine of growth within a fast-expanding digital services sector.

Provides a system that has been built to deliver a value that is sustainable for a much broader participation reach.

A model that inclusive and equitable with a low entry cost, allowing easy access to the Das ecosystem.

600 million DasCoins have already been minted with 100,000+ licenses activated, representing considerable value prior to its public exchange launches.

Proof Points

  • Minting offers an easier and more efficient method of mining that is stake-based as opposed to proof-of-stake or proof-of-work.
  • 100,000+ licenses activated spread across upwards of 150 countries and growing.
  • The model of distribution has already seen significant value, adding to the overall strength of the ecosystem.
  • From an 8,589,934,592-total supply in blockchain operational use, under 9% of DasCoin were in circulation at the end of the first year.

DasCoin Utility, Purpose and Sustainability

Developed– DasCoin has been developed to establish trust in a cryptocurrency providing a purposeful utility designed to offer everyone sustainable high growth in value.

The value of DasCoin is that is backed by a vibrant and expanding ecosystem working in synergy with advanced applications built on blockchain technology.

Created to simplify trading on the public exchanges, with more than 60 million merchants, Dascoin is designed to be easy to spend, making buying and selling in the everyday life accessible to everyone around the world.

The expanding ecosystem with its fairer and more equitable system of distribution, provides a longevity and security for the future.

The personal and secure wallet offers decentralized fund access.

The hardware device has enhanced features which prevent hacking, protecting all hardware device users.

Innovative – DasCoin and the Das ecosystem will always continue to evolve, delivering more value by adding to the number of new services available and expanding the number of active participants.

Proof Points

  • A long term accountable growth in value (delta charts)
  • Instances of why and how people are using and will be using DasCoin as a currency
  • Cases of applications available and will be available, within the Das ecosystem

Das Coin – Leading to Success

What stands us out from the rest is the safe and steady process of governance. We are at the very forefront of the digital of the digital currency age by bringing together a team with years of the very highest experience in global, innovation, fintech, compliance and business management. The Board of Directors leading DasCoin providse experience, knowledge and an accountability to its ever-growing community of users.