DasCoin the Contender is Emerging!

I have collected a few excerpts from articles written about cryptocurrency this week. As I follow and continue to educate my self on this boom asset class I continually look for endorsement of the DasCoin Business model. This week I picked out a few relevant points.

The Coin Telegraph 21.4.17
Chief Product Officer at Whaleclub Ian Glindro said he foresees “strong demand” for Dash as the altcoin’s success story continues its broad upward trend.

“We were impressed with Dash’s payment network growth, innovation and DAO structure. (DasCoin is better!) We expect strong demand as the Dash ecosystem continues to grow globally and investors look for a capable and ambitious Bitcoin alternative,” he stated.

Over the past, month Dash has traded at over $100 and as low as $54 per coin.
It is currently hovering at around $70, while at the beginning of the year cost just $11.

Financial Advisor 20.4.17
Former Deputy Treasury Secretary Sarah Bloom Raskin told the Washington D.C. gathering that consumer protection is an issue with bitcoins because they could disappear from a consumer’s account. (Can’t happen with the Encryption Technology of the DasCoin WebWallet!)

While bitcoins have gotten off to a limited start, with their popularity primarily with criminals, the underlying blockchain technology could become widespread, Raskin said. (DasCoin’s Propriety Permission BlockChain is what Raskin is referring to!)

Blockchains are essentially closed networks where all transactions are recorded and available to all of the participants and everyone in a chain agrees to the terms.

Speaking broadly about financial technology—an arena that includes bitcoins—Raskin said the sector has a trust hurdle to surmount before it will be accepted as a mainstream currency.(DasCoin will be the Currency of Trust!)
Yahoo Finance 21.4.17
The unique properties of cryptocurrencies make them uniquely suited for long term investment. (Such as DasCoin!)
In 2017, Ethereum has witnessed an incredible 388% growth from less than $10 per unit to over $44.

“Cryptocurrency as an industry is on a new wave of mainstream adoption. (With DasCoin leading the way!) As a business, it made sense to listen to our clients,” explained Chris Kline, COO of Bitcoin IRA.

“They wanted Ethereum, so we delivered.”
FORBES 20.4.17
“People are going to keep developing new systems and keep trying to get to better governance and a better maturity of the political dimension of what these things are over time. Eventually, a blockchain will emerge that has an extremely coherent political and legal system and ideology that grounds it,” says Posner, the former lawyer and current Coinbase software engineer. (This has DasCoin’s name written all over it!)