DasCoin – NetLeaders – Massive Opportunity – to the 15th January 2017!!

We had our weekly webinar Coinleaders Webinar this morning. There will be some exciting promotions to help celebrate the launch of NetLeaders.com on Monday, December 26th.

“NEW Account Promotion:

All NEW NetLeaders accounts created from December 26th to January 1st:
Receive 50% Bonus Cycles (rather than the current 15%). This is a HUGE incentive! It has the effect of reducing the Frequency on your account, ultimately yielding significantly more DasCoins.

All NEW NetLeaders accounts created from January 2nd to January 8th:
Receive 40% Bonus Cycles (rather than the current 15%).

All NEW NetLeaders accounts created from January 9th to January 15th:
Receive 30% Bonus Cycles (rather than the current 15%).

At the close of this promotion, the Frequency will increase (as of January 16th) and the Bonus Cycles will be reduced to 10%.

INCREASE Your License Promotion (for all existing CoinLeaders accounts):

Increase your license to a higher license, and you will receive the new license (including 15% Bonus Cycles) and the account will retain the original Frequency Lock. Obviously, this is a TREMENDOUS advantage — and the lower your initial Frequency Lock, the more attractive this promotion will be to you. Only CoinLeaders accounts (created before December 24th) are eligible for this promotion. The promotion will be available from December 26th until January 15th. Multiple license increases by a single account (from a Standard to a Pro to an Executive) are permitted during the course of this promotion period.

Hong Kong Event Tickets: Look for details about the upcoming NetLeaders event in Hong Kong between January 13th-15th on the new NetLeaders.com website when it launches on December 26th. Initial price for this event ticket will be just €50. It’s a worldwide leadership event designed to get your year (and your NetLeaders business) started off in the best way possible.

CoinLeaders (soon to be Netleaders)”