DasCoin Explained…December 23rd Changes Everything!

More & more people are seeing just how serious DasCoin is about being the cryptocoin that everyone will want to use.
The vision, the plans, the already delivered promises & just how professional this company is are the reasons why like minded people from business to everyday people doing 9 to 5 are buying into DasCoin.
This isn’t like any other coin you will have seen before, and to those saying it wont be successful, clearly they haven’t taken the time to examine DasCoin properly.
Don’t be blinkered, open your eyes & find out for yourself how this will change your life!
Whether you are a team builder or a passive earner, this is not one to let pass you by.
Join me and become a partner with me in DasCoin.

On the 23rd December the Frequency Lock increases….means for those people coming in after the 23rd December they will get less coins in each package.
On the the 23rd December the Coinleaders website goes down and on the 26th December the new Binary Netleaders.com site replaces it. So don’t be concerned over the Christmas weekend…enjoy the small break away from the DasCoin Phenomenon!
On the 26th December the new Marketing/Binary System starts….although the new compensation plan started on the 19th December.

Watch my video that explains DasCoin and why you need to get your DasCoin Package before the 23rd December.