Dascoin Explorer For Lightning Speed Cryptocurrency Transactions

DasCoin is now the biggest player in the field of cryptocurrency, and is quickly expanding all over the virtual world. With its cool features as a hybrid of centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency.

DasCoin can be considered as the new generation of digital cash.

The DasCoin Explorer which is the official block chain app of DasCoin.

What Can the DasCoin Explorer do for You?

If you’re dealing with cryptocurrency, you must have the official transaction app for that cryptocurrency. For DasCoin, the dascoinexplorer you must have! You just have to download it up, and you can see the frictionless transactions with across the DAS Ecosystem.

For instance, you want to pay for a laptop you have chosen at the department store. Let’s assume that the store accepts cryptocurrency as payments of customers. If you would use bitcoin, it would take for up to 30 or 45 minutes before your bitcoin payment to arrive at the store’s account. This is a huge hassle not only for you, but also for the store as well.

With DasCoin Explorer, it’s recorded that it only takes 6 seconds for a transaction to be approved! That’s surely a far huge difference!

Not to mention that DasCoin will circulates on the mainstream economy!