DasCoin – 85 Hours To Go! – Back Again Still Talking About It!

Why DasCoin will change the way Crypto Currency works………

DasCoin has not only a private blockchain, it is the fastest blockchain technology in the world. Maximum of 6 seconds transaction.

DasCoin is going mainstream. Without a Bitcoin debit card which charges you a high % fee when using it, It is very difficult to spend your currency.

Dascoin have eliminated that issue with Daspay. The first cryptocurrency mobile payment solution EVER.

You will be able to spend your DasCoins in over 60 million outlets worldwide. No other crypto currency offer that.

DasCoin will offer the highest level of Smart Contracts available which will be self executing on the private blockchain.

DasCoin will be minting the coin, not mining. Digitally minting means less power and energy used, unlike mining farms across the world.

So, as time goes by, you will be getting less and less coins for your money due to the increase in demand.

Waiting will cost you!

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Think about this seriously………This is an opportunity that may not come around again.

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Watch my video: DasCoin EcoSystem Explained

The clock is ticking for anyone who wishes to purchase a DasCoin package.

Everything changes after March 31st!

Dont say I didnt tell you!

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