DasCoin – 25 Hours To Go! Decision Time!

Did you know……….

Some things to remember in regards to Dascoin.

●We have 4 very transparent and REAL owners behind this company. All with an excellent & reputable reputation. This is not fake.
●Dascoins blockchain technology will be the fastest in the world, executing and confirming transactions in a maximum of 6 seconds.
●Dascoin will offer Smart Contracts as a service as well as the Blockchain itself.
●Dascoin are the first company in the crypto space to go mainstream. Making it easy, simplified and worthwhile for the masses to use. We know it as Daspay.
●Dascoin will be minting the coin & not mining. It is 2017 and this is groundbreaking and innovative which I believe will attract corporates and high profile businesses due to its greener & more eco friendly system.
●Dascoin will leave a legacy and will be followed by many out there due to its eco system and the technology behind it.
●Dascoin has built an MLM arm to the business to strengthen communication & support through out the business.
● I believe Dascoin will be the contender if not bigger than Bitcoin in time to come.

There is no better opportunity out there in my opinion and we will see the results over the coming weeks.

There is now 25 hours till I will be in a private room at the Dolder Grand with only 300 people to watch a world first cryptocurrency event where after 2 years of Cryptography R&D DasCoin will be unveiled to the world!

We are running out of time so if you want to get involved…and you can from 100euros (440 DasCoins) let me know….or create your account here!

Also for the next 25 hours I’m making myself available on my Zoom Channel to have a one on one free review of DasCoin. https://zoom.us/j/2350385720   ……just PM me to confirm a time.

Look, I’m not going to say that you can magically transform your life overnight, because there is no such thing. That’s not what I’m about. What I will tell you is that we are entering a new paradigm of “money” and that the internet is creating huge opportunities and value for some crypto businesses….like DasCoin.

If you want to jump on board……register here

Think about this seriously………This is an opportunity that may not come around again.

See my website for all details. Its very interesting if nothing else. www.dascoin.com.au

Watch my video: DasCoin EcoSystem Explained

The clock is ticking for anyone thinking about purchasing a Dascoin package.

Everything changes after March 31st!

Dont say I didnt tell you!

Get registered for free here

If you want to know more contact me at wmccarthy1520@gmail.com or on facebook