Dascoin and Carta Worldwide….a powerhouse partnership!

It’s difficult sometimes to get people to realise just how big this opportunity is. Probably because those who introduced them have moved on to other things and/or it’s not a “fast money” business that crashes as fast as it arrived…..I’m sure we’ve all been in plenty of those.

What makes this company stand out is the professionalism, structure, and determination to do things the right and ethical way. Unfortunately that takes time which is why it is not a “here today, goneĀ tomorrow business”.

DasPay is an important part of the NetLeaders offering as it will be a key component in driving the price of the digital currency DasCoin which is just a part of the overall product range.

Carta WorldWide are the software developer who NetLeaders have an exclusivity arrangement as far as crypto currency is concerned, therefore enabling DasPay and ultimately DasCoin, to be the first crypto to be accessed by 60 million outlets world wide that accept visa and master card.

In the image below you will see the type of clients Carta have worked with and hopefully you will see just how big this opportunity we are all involved in is becoming.