Bitcoin Fork-DASHCoin Emergence-DasCoin for Mainstream!

My good Aussie friend Janita Abra asked me about the Hard Fork possibility of Bitcoin…Janita sent me this podcast link. The podcast in full is worth listening to….but if you don’t have 40 minutes…..listen from about the 25 minute point till 30 minute point.

I have attached an explanation of what a Hard Fork is and what the likely scenarios could be if a Hard Fork in Bitcoin occurs.

These guru crypto guys at this point in the conversation talk about DASH which has risen to around $100 USD per Coin! Listen very carefully because the DASH Coin is now trying to move into the same “mainstream” space that DasCoin will be in this year. DASH does not have Smart Contract technology, does not have DASPAY.

When DasCoin is minted on the 31st March, the Blockchain 6 sec evidence is on the public stage and we are on at least Public Exchanges by June…the opportunity for massive gains will be lost.

There is 8 days till I go to Zurich where on the 31st March I will be in a private room with only 300 people to watch a world first cryptocurrency event where after 2 years of Cryptography R&D DasCoin will be unveiled to the world!

We are running out of time so if you want to get involved…and you can from 100euros (440 DasCoins) let me know….or create your account here! Or if someone else has shared this link go back to them for more info.