BitCoin & BlockChain Explained

As a precursor to explaining the wonderful opportunity that is DasCoin I have added this video to get you started in the education of Cryptocurrencies. This video was posted by an online friend of mine, Steve Lawson who is a long time supporter of Cryptocurrencies.It is only a few minutes in length…and very succinctly explains BitCoin & BlockChain.

On my website there is significant information for you to review.

At the time of this post BitCoin was trading at $1200 USD.

In less than 12 months DasCoin will be on the external exchanges. It’s price at that time is not a simple calculation to make….but in my view, DasCoin which has better features than BitCoin, Ethereum & DASH, could be in the $2-$5 USD Range on launch.

With the average cost per coin of the least expensive 100Euro package at approximately $0.25 USD it seems to me to be a reasonable decision to add this Digital asset into your portfolio of personal assets.

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