Am I Talking a Different Language??

When I mention Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Dascoin, Blockchain, Smart Contracts etc. many people think I’m talking a completely different language.

One of 2 things happen:

1 – They shut off.
2 – They get scared.

Why? They simply don’t understand. What happens when people don’t understand something? They get as far away from the subject as possible.

If you do not know what I am talking about when I talk about Dascoin/Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency then I totally understand why.

This was all new to me sometime ago, but now, I have it firmly in my hands.
If you truly believe that we will be dealing with cash in the future, then I have to point out you are wrong.

The world is becoming more and more a digital existence.

Look at the way we used to transact money? Cash or Cheque right? When was the last time you wrote or accepted a cheque?
10 years ago, did we really think we could ping money to someone via an app?
Did we really believe there would be such a thing called the world wide web?

For over 8 years, there has been something called Cryptocurrency which is becoming widely known.
Here is the harsh truth, Cryptocurrency will become the norm. There will be little to no cash.
A superb invention I believe due to speed and lack of fee’s for sending someone an amount of money.

Me personally, I believe banks in the traditional form have run their race. Their fees are an outrage! This is why many and soon all will be developing their own private blockchain so they can compete with CryptoCurrency alternatives like Bitcoin and DasCoin.

So, what does your bank offer you today? A miserly pittance of interest for holding your money. Less than 1%? Some people would argue that even money in your bank account isn’t really yours….ask our Greek friends about what happened in 2013 when the Greek Government implemented a limit on the amount you could withdraw from your bank account!

Did you realise the current leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin could have made you 160% over the past year?
For doing what you do anyway. Leaving money in your bank whether it be a savings account or any other type.

Here is where Cryptocurrency and its technology is changing the way we handle money & make money.
Of course there will always be trades men and women. Plumbers will always be needed, Nurses, Carers, Hairdressers even (Although there is now a machine that washes peoples hair…. No labour needed)

BUT, with technology many of you will not be needed in your jobs in time. Am I saying it to be ruthlessly worrying? Absolutely not.
I am saying it because I am trying to warn you of what has already started. Lawyers, Accountants, Company Controllers, Notaries are going to be replaced with emerging blockchain technologies.

Technology is changing the world as we know it & fast.

Here is what I would advise you do.

Watch these short clips.

This is explains something called Blockchain.

This briefly explains Cryptocurrency

It really is time to open your eyes, wake up and smell the coffee and take a look at what is already happening.

Everything is changing, and 1 company in particular have completed the way cryptocurrency works. I have followed this company for over 4 months, and to see what they have done to generate solutions for the mainstream is simply genius. See my business case to see how I analyze the potential of this opportunity.

I have my future sorted, let me know when you’re ready to sort yours.