Our Approach

Life. Work. Balance. That is our approach. To help others to achieve the same financial and geographical freedom using DasCoin as a means to reach this goal.

Our Story

We have been involved in the traditional Accounting and Finance Sectors over long careers, and have moved our focus to online opportunities that focuses around the cryptocurrency market.

We have been heavily involved with Bitcoin and it's applications, and now see a greater opportunity with the introduction of DasCoin to the consumer and business financial transaction space.

Living on the Central Coast in Australia, travelling to Asia, Fishing in the mornings, and the ability to work anywhere, anytime is where we have arrived.

Meet the Team

Please note we are not the DasCoin Corporate Administration, but the Principals of site, here to help with the Asia / Pacific contingent.


Wayne McCarthy


Accomplished financial leader with track record of increasing profits, dramatically slashing costs, and authoritatively directing all financial concerns for companies ranging from start-up to medium size corporations across a broad range of verticals. Big picture strategist who leverages hands-on approach to ensure achievement of all organizational financial objectives. Trusted partner with proven ability to build and pilot high-performance teams that consistently meet and exceed metric goals. Adept at automating systems and utilizing technology to deliver practical business solutions that improve productivity and streamline operations. Dedicated to contributing to overall company health and long-term growth. I am a safe pair of hands with unwavering honesty & integrity in getting the job done with an inclusive leadership style. Having departed my current role as General Manger, Corporate & Company Secretary after almost 5 years in July 2016 and a finance career spanning 40 years I have moved to a full time on line career specializing in cryptocurrencies.



Monique Leon


Monique's educational and professional background is with I.T. database development, Mathematics, Administration and Training . She has founded and is involved with several non profit organizations including the Save Dobermans Worldwide movement and Shared Parenting Council of Australia, and heads an online movement to educate people on HYIP Scams and prosecute those that knowingly attack the vulnerability of new online users.

Monique thrives on assisting others with support, training and analysis and has been writing instructional procedures both on and offline for over 20 years.



Norman Jordan

Business Development Manager

Norm has been involved in Research and Development companies over a long career. Specialising in Project Management, but specifically within the high volume merchant transaction sector.

With the advent of cryptocurrencies, Norm has expanded his expertise to incorporate the B2B applications that are available online.



Next Steps...

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