DasCoin – 115 Hours To Go! What Am I Talking About!

I’ve been working with DasCoin since October 2016….I’ve been to Dubai and Hong Kong and have met the owners. All of the live webinars I have attended. In 115 hours from now I will witness the minting of the very first DasCoin at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich. It promises to be a truly historic event.

Till then anyone that gets involved by buying a licence will have a substantial advantage over anyone buying a licence from 1st April….you have 115 hours before this offer ends!

Just 3 of the key elements that Dascoin that will cause people to choose Dascoin over any other crypto currency. YES, I include Bitcoin in that too.

Blockchain explained.

Dascoin has the fastest blockchain technology in the world. It can also be used as a service, which in turn increases the value.
This is private blockchain too which adds the value.

Smart Contracts explained.

Dascoin are setting the standard of Smart Contracts and can be used with the blockchain technology Dascoin provides.
This also adds value to the coin itself. Look at Ethereum!

Daspay explained.

Dascoin is the first crypto currency to go mainstream and bring crypto currency to the people. Spending crypto currency directly is difficult, and if you use Bitcoins debit card, costs are involved. 

Daspay is just like Applepay….Meaning you can spend your coins in any outlet that accepts Visa/Mastercard.

Over 60 million outlets in fact.

Bitcoin is accepted in 150’000 outlets worldwide.

These are just 3 reasons why Dascoin will have a value that will leave many people kicking themselves in time to come.

Its happening with or without you.
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