10 Bomb Proof Reasons!

Ok…so many of you will have been watching and reading about DasCoin on social media and in various other places on the internet.

Will I or wont I do this?….I really do understand the hesitation. I was there 7 months ago….see my business case report.

Cryptocurrency? Is it real?..will it last?…is DasCoin the next Bitcoin?…will I loose money or make a ton of it?

12 days ago the Dascoin Minting and Proprietary Blockchain went live in Zurich…I was there among 250 others to see the birth the very first of 8.6 billion DasCoins.

If this doesn’t convince you well you can’t say I didn’t try!…..this Sunday 16th April 6pm Sydney Australian/8pm UTC time there will be a LIVE interview with Blair Baker. Here is the link to join us. If you do nothing else join this webinar and if this does not convince you nothing will. For those who don’t know who Blair is click this link…where his BIO is set out with the owners of DasCoin.

I have known Blair for over 6 months and can assure you he is a global main player in the Capital Markets Financial Sector and he is tasked with delivering the DasCoin External Exchange Project.

Dascoin – is the coin of the future, the currency of trust… don’t miss the chance to secure your future…. you wont regret this!

If you are interested in joining a business that is professional, stable, secure, and has longevity, then look no further than the NetLeaders DasCoin opportunity.

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